We create with a lot of badass talented women. They keep us inspired, on our toes, and ever expanding in this vida loca. So we thought, why not introduce them to you?! DIOSA FEATURES is a new series we’re starting where we showcase the talent of women that are kicking ass in every unique way. 

We’ll start with Edna Jael, a hairstylist at The Factory in downtown San Diego and member of an all female punk rock band. This woman is the Michelangelo of hairstylists - she has a vision and she’ll be getting those finishing touches even until you’re walking out the door. She sculpted Ji la’s fro and has brought out the inner diosa in every person that has sat in her styling throne (yes, even the guys!) Edna Jael grew up in Tijuana and is of Mexican & Middle Eastern origins. Her middle name, Jael, means “she who ascends” and was the name of a woman who killed the captain of her rival army in the Old Testament. In 2014, Jael is killing her rivals through the art of beauty and music. Her personal style mixes UK punk with a feminine twist, all while reppin the patterns and textiles of our motherlands. We had fun portraying her world in this photo series, traveling through dark graffitied sewers that reminded us there is always a light, and a photo op, at the end of the tunnel. 

What is your definition of diosa?
It’s the privilege of being a woman.

Finish this sentence… when I was a little girl I played with all the other girls. Now I play with all the girl’s hair!

Drink of choice?
Vodka and sparkling water…low calories AND gets the job done!

What is your superpower?
Intuition. Every woman has it!

Perfect soundtrack for getting in your creative zone?
My mind is my soundtrack. 

Quality you admire most in other womyn?
To be completely honest, I admire high maintenance women. The fact that they dedicate so much energy to their beauty and health to make sure they always look and feel their best is very admirable. 

How did Lisa Frank change the game or your life?
SO MUCH! She made me appreciate colors!!!

Wise words you live by?
Only do what will get you to your own destiny.

What steps do we need to take together to support a global tribe of diosas? 
Be real. Stay true to the concept that only good will come from the fertile ground you provide for yourself.